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4 Custom Closet Design Ideas

Closets are an often-overlooked space in most homes. You use them every single day, but how many people really pay any attention to the design and functionality of their closets? If you can find the clothes you’re looking for, there’s nothing else you need, right? If that’s the way you think, then it’s time to change your perspective. Your closet can be a space that’s not only much more functional, but beautiful as well. Check out these custom closet design ideas to see how you could spruce up your closet space.

Retractable Steps

How often do you use that very top shelf in your closet? Do you just toss items up there that you only use every few months? If you’re not actively using that top shelf in your closet, you’re wasting space. Putting built-in, retractable steps into your closet can help you make use of those high shelves. With just a push, these steps fold out of your built-in closet shelving, allowing you to easily retrieve items from or place items on those upper shelves. You can make maximum use of all your closet space, allowing you to be more organized with your items.

Display Shelves

Everyone has some sort of non-clothing items that they store in their closet. They may be purses, belts, jewelry, hats, or other items, but these pieces just don’t fit in a standard closet space. You’re left shoving them into available spots, making them unorganized and hard to find. With a custom closet, you can get display shelving to organize and show off those items. Not only will they be easier to find, but your closet will feel more like a showroom.

Sliding Shelves

Ever have trouble reaching items on the backs of your shelves? It’s difficult to make maximum use of your shelving and still can see all the items. That problem is fixed when you get a custom closet design in Alpharetta. This allows you to get shelves that slide out like drawers, showing off everything that you’ve placed on that shelf without having to dig around to find what you’re looking for.

Doors and Drawers

Don’t like seeing all your clothes and accessories out on display? You could opt to have wardrobe doors and drawers installed in your closet instead of just racks and shelves. This allows you to close everything away, giving your closet a nice, clean, organized look.

If you want to learn about more custom closet design ideas in Alpharetta, contact a closet design company.

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The Newest Trends in Walk-In Closets

Today’s walk-in closet takes dressing to a new level. More than a place to hang your hat, the walk-in closet in Alpharetta can be a boutique, a sports display, a natural respite, or an out of the way office retreat. Modern trends have opened the possibilities in how the space is used and how the closet fits seamlessly into the style of your home’s architecture. What are some features of the new trends in walk-in closets?

  • Closets are open to natural light. Windows are placed strategically to offer the best natural light for private dressing and viewing true colors of garments. In some homes, closet windows are floor to ceiling, bordered by greenery outside the glass. This not only lets light in, but invites the outdoors in, creating a restful atmosphere.
  • Closets are a personal boutique. The room features cupboards and drawers and strategic spot lighting as well as floodlighting common in high-end retail settings. Shoes and purses are displayed on well-ordered shelves, making dressing a fantasy shopping experience with no limit to the budget.
  • In today’s closet, an out-of-the-way office retreat offers a perfect blend of privacy and function. Laptops, phone chargers, compact printers, and video viewers are welcome here. While your clothes are kept behind closed doors, your office retreat is open and accessible while you dress.
  • Closets can be a private display of all things sports in your life. Everything is in its place, including golf clubs, tennis and racquetball rackets, scuba gear, shoes of all kinds, and your new favorite toy, the drone. Cupboards, drawers, and hanging space are accessible and live as companions with your latest office attire.
  • For the his-and-her closet, the space is visually divided by decorating choices. The female side features light-color cupboards and drawers while the male side uses dark wood. Drawer pulls and cupboard hardware reflects the his-and-her theme as well. Fabric upholstery on matching chair styles is complementary, but suggestive of his-and-her chairs.
  • Closets can be an out-of-the-way art collection display area. Lighting can be adjusted to show art in its most attractive setting. Shelving can be dedicated to collections of small items, kept safe behind glass and locked doors.
  • Modern closets feature good lighting that is activated by motion in the room. A combination of spot lighting, room lighting, and lamps all feature energy-efficient bulbs. Music is motion activated, adding to the desired dressing experience in a custom closet.

Whether you are designing your dream closet or renovating your current closet, many of these modern trends can be adapted to your space. For designing tips and answers to all your questions, contact the professionals at Closet Designs and More.

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Save Time with Custom Closet Design

Some people create custom closets purely for aesthetic reasons. If they have a sense of how they want their closets to match their ideal design scheme, they can incorporate features that match the rest of the home. However, most people customize their closets for practical reasons. Closets are not one-size-fits-all, and you probably organize your clothes and accessories differently from anyone else. Therefore, you should not have to rely on the same closet design that works for somebody else. If you want to save time by finding whatever you want whenever you want it, we have some closet design ideas in Duluth that may help you out.


Since everyone has different sizes and amounts of clothing, you will need to make sure you have enough racks to fit everything and that they hang at the right height. You may want to have multiple layers of racks on top of each other, or you may find it easier to see everything if you have a single row wrapping farther along the closet wall. Depending on how many clothes you have, you may even need to have one row in front of another.


Similar to the rack situation, you will need to decide what else you will be putting in your closet and how much room these things will take up when creating your closet designs in Duluth. Figure out if you need to store ties, purses, watches, jewelry, or any other accessories and then figure out how you want them displayed. Do you want your shoes in individual cubby holes, or do you want them arrayed on shelves?


Different walk-in closet designs in Duluth will require different lighting. It often helps to have different lighting options like soft or bright, but the exact specifications and placement depend on your needs and how the closet is arranged.


You may also find that you want other add-ins in your custom closet designs in Duluth, such as a dresser, a mirror, or seating, and all of these require careful pre-planning. You will want, for instance, to make sure the space for your mirror is not only the right size but also at the right height if it’s hanging on the wall. You will also want to make sure that any drawers for your dresser or any other shelving in the closet have room to open. You don’t want them hitting walls or each other. Having everything organized in this way will save you from awkwardly navigating your closet when the time comes to use it.

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Ways to Make Over Your Closets

Closet makeovers not only get your clothes organized, but can establish a mood, create a high-end retail simulation, be the home of your art collection, and more. Custom closet companies in Marietta have experience in all closet designs and can guide you in a closet makeover you will love.

  • A simple, functional makeover consists of changing out the one-rod closet for two: one high rod for long-hanging clothes, and one low rod for shirts and blouses. Simple shelving is perfect for shoes and purses, while shelving with drawers extends your dresser storage space.
  • For convenience, the shelving and drawer area can also be fitted with a charging station for all your electrical devices, away from the main living area of the family.
  • If your space can accommodate it, a window in the closet allows you to choose clothing in natural light, perfect for determining true colors and color matching. If you have a good-size room to work with, comfy chairs next to the window make for a handy place to put your shoes on.
  • Walk-in closets offer abundant space for the creative owner. A personal art display on the walls or a small item collection behind glass are inspiring to see every day. If you have space, your closet may accommodate a small office with a fold-up desk and cupboard for supplies.
  • Display shoes and purses on low shelves to create easy access. Add recessed lighting accenting these items and you will have created a boutique similar to the high-end shops you love to shop in.
  • Does your walk-in closet face an outside wall where you could install a good-sized window? Closet windows are a trend today and give the room relief from feeling like a cave where your clothes are kept. A large mirror installed directly across from the window will reflect additional light into the room and visually expand the space.
  • Consider new lighting for your closet makeover. Trending are recessed spot lights and soft floods that are motion activated. Lights should not distort the color of the garments, so check outdoors to make sure your colors are showing true under the new lights.

There are many options for a closet makeover. Consider your budget and where you can get the most value. Is it lighting? A new window? Shelving and storage? A closet makeover can be done in stages, as your budget allows. Consult with the custom closet designer professionals at Closet Designs and More to build a plan, do the work, and enjoy the results!

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The 5 Advantages of Closet Systems

Of all home improvement jobs, why should you invest in a custom closet system designed just for you? Why would you want to wake up and walk into a beautifully designed and organized closet? The real question is: Why wouldn’t you? Unlike many other home improvement projects, organizing your closet actually has a domino effect on your daily life. It is shocking how little focus closets receive in most homes. If anything, finding custom closet organizers to install your very own closet system in Atlanta should be a major priority. These are just 5 of the many ways improving your closet improves more than just your clothing.

Beautify Your Closet

If you have never thought of upgrading your closet, then you might not be aware of the aesthetic possibilities even the tiniest storage room holds. Live like a celebrity and upgrade your closet with recessed lighting; custom-designed furnishings like shelves, cabinets, drawers, and hanging racks; and a color-coordinated scheme that makes all of your clothing and accessories pop. The difference will be so magnificent you’ll want to show off your closet to your guests first before your living room.

Protect Your Investments

Clothing is a major lifestyle expense. In order to function is society, you need a wide variety of styles of clothing, from cool summer outdoor wear to formalwear. Ordinary closets jam these articles of clothing together, allowing them to wrinkle or get lost in the shuffle. If you have ever rifled through your closet and thought that you really need to go shopping, you might just have organization problems. Organizing the clothing and accessories you invest in protects your wallet so you can rely on what you already own.

Organize Your Day

How you begin your day sets the tone for how your day plays out–this is one reason why some experts recommend early morning exercise. Having a well-organized custom closet design streamlines a daily process: getting ready. Well-organized closet systems allow you to find and put on what you need when you need it–no more scrambling through crowded racks and drawers to find the right outfit. When you make getting ready fast and easy, you kickstart your day with positivity and professionalism that can carry you all the way until evening rush hour.

Improve Your Home’s Value

Custom closets are becoming major household trends, especially among young, first-time home buyers. This means that investing in custom closet installation in Atlanta means investing in the overall value of your home. Because great closets improve property values, you may even be able to recoup all or part of your investment when you eventually resell.

Custom Improvements

Professional closet organizers are true professionals in the craft of making closets of any size as useful and attractive as possible. Optimizing your closet means turning to these professionals for a customized design layout that takes advantage of all usable space in your closet. They will analyze the dimensions of the room, your tastes, and your storage needs to create the most storage-friendly closet possible for your home.

If you still want to learn more about the advantages of installing a custom closet system in Atlanta, simply contact a closet designer near you. They can answer your questions and get your closet remodel started.

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Must-Have Features for Your Custom Closet

Whether you’re trying to make the most of your tiny space or you have the opportunity to design your dream closet, the layout of the closet can make or break the final results. The pros at Closet Designs and More know that a well-designed closet allows for easy access to your belongings, makes it easy to put items away when you’re done, and keeps things organized and safe. Custom closets are an excellent way to set things up according to your individual needs and routines, and designing a closet is an organizers dream. Certain features allow you to get the most out of your closet, and you can pick and choose the ones that work best for you.

Shelves should serve the overall purpose of the closet. If you store lots of tools in a space, well-placed shelves should make those tools accessible and easy to find. Along those same lines, if you have a closet full of shoes, your closet should make your morning routine simple and straightforward.

Space to hang clothing and other items should be tailored to the clothing you actually own and wear. A closet full of suits and dresses should look very different from a closet that houses mostly t-shirts and shorts. Additionally, you can create a functional space for your scarf collection, assortment of statement necklaces, or your plethora of belts that will actually make them easy to access.

Every closet needs the ability to hide items that you don’t need visible at all times. Whether you use matching boxes and totes on your shelves or have cupboards and drawers that close, your space will look neater at any given time. If a custom closet sounds like a dream come true, contact the professionals at Closet Designs and More to get started.

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Choosing the Perfect Closet Design for Your New House

Your closet is one of the most important components of your home. A well-organized and attractive closet can alter how you style your home, organize your day, and get dressed for success. There is a great deal to consider before you decide to style your very own wardrobe. Will you go classic or contemporary? Do you want to take inspiration from celebrity homes or be unique in character? If you are on the hunt for closet design ideas in Alpharetta or have not yet considered upgrading your wardrobe, read this guide to choosing the perfectly beautiful and organized closet you’ve always dreamed of.

  • Simple or Spectacular? – First, consider your style tastes. Do you like a minimal and neat home or do you like wild and expressive decor? Your closet should be built the same way. If minimalism is your style, conceal your clothing in custom cabinets. For the opposite, base your closet design around fun hanging racks and rustic chic furniture so you can show off your style.
  • High-Tech or Traditional? – If you like swanky, modern style, take closet ideas from electronics and implement metallic features, high-gloss custom drawers, and sliding panels. For a traditional aesthetic, go for natural wood tones and symmetrical, sophisticated furniture.
  • Cozy or Cavernous? – Do you want your closet to feel warm and invitingly cozy? If so, add reading nooks and take advantage of every space available to you, including corner shelves and high racks. To enlarge the space, select compact furniture, let sunlight in, and install mirrored doors.
  • Fun or Fastidious? – Closet organization means helping you find what you need. Design your closet in such a way that you can mix colors, styles, and patterns. Or, if you prefer to be neat and streamlined, organize clothing according to its purpose so you can get ready quickly and easily.
  • Single or Married? – Are you going to be sharing your closet or is it for your clothing only? A shared wardrobe can have separate but complementary styling perfect for each individual, or you can create a wraparound closet design concept that is perfect for a single gal or gentleman.

Overall, the most important way to design your closet is to take note of the dimensions you are working with. Hire custom closet organization professionals to create an organizational space that is perfect for the room you have to work with. When it comes to aesthetics and the features you want to use, from hanging racks to shoe shelves to wardrobe cabinets, take inspiration from a professional’s closet design ideas in Alpharetta. A professional can give you exactly what you have always dreamed of: a Hollywood-level closet that your friends will envy and that you can be proud of every day.

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Newlywed’s Guide to Organizing and Sharing a Closet

A lot of things about your lifestyle change when you get married. You might be prepared for many of these changes and even look forward to them, but there is one change to your life that many people don’t think about. It may seem like a small change, but it’s one that can cause arguments between newlywed couples: sharing a closet. One partner might feel that the other has too many clothes and that they’re taking more than their share of the space. The other spouse might feel that their new companion is disorganized and makes the closet a mess. But with proper closet design in Duluth and effective organizational skills, you can easily share a closet with your partner without any contention in your relationship.

Pick a Side

The first step is to clearly divide your closet into 2 designated spaces. If your closet is not easily divided right now, it may be worth installing some additional racks and shelves for easier organization and division. When this is done, each of you should have a designated space that the other can’t encroach upon. For example, rather than having one long rack that you try to keep evenly divided, you can place a set of shelves in the center of the wall so you each have a couple of designated shelves and a rack on one side.

Purge Your Clothes

If the two of you have too many items of clothing to fit in a shared closet, then you need to purge your items. This is something you should do together. First, go through your own clothing and decide what to get rid of. Then, go through your partner’s clothes. Odds are, you have some clothes that your partner just doesn’t like, and they should have some amount of say in whether or not you keep items that they would prefer you not to wear. If they want to get rid of something you really want to keep, you’re allowed to veto up to 3 items, but make sure to keep it civil.

Keep It Organized

Now you’re ready to put everything back in the closet. Group like items together, hang skirts with skirts, slacks with slacks, and so on. You can even organize your items by color as well. You should also allow the amount of space you have to dictate the number of items you own. For example, if you have a shoe rack, you should never own more shoes than what fits in the shoe rack. This will keep your shared space from getting overwhelmed.

If you follow these tips and look for other closet design ideas in Duluth, sharing a closet should be no problem.

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How to Create a Custom Closet for Your Teen

Are you tired of nagging your teen to keep their room clean? Join the club! For most parents, it’s a constant struggle to keep the bedroom floor of their teenagers free of clothes and shoes. While you may think that your child is apathetic to your plight, it may be more than that. Perhaps their room lacks the organization needed to keep their room as clean as you’d like. With a little bit of planning, you can transform your child’s closet with a custom closet design in Marietta that’s not only spacious enough to house all of their clothes, but also trendy and modern.

Think teen. 

Designing a closet for your teenager is different than designing a custom closet for yourself. Their morning routine should be simplified with their new space. As you go about creating shelves, racks, and cubbies, make sure that the design is in harmony with the needs of your teen. Enlarge the baskets along the bottom, add an extra hanging rack, or create additional spaces for shoes to make this space perfect for your child.

Design for more than clothes

Who says the closets should only house accessories, clothes, and shoes? Designing a custom closet is the perfect time to increase the storage space in your teen’s room. If your child enjoys sports, perhaps a cabinet is needed where they can store their cleats or pads. Drawers for dance shoes, books, or a hook for a backpack may also be a good idea to make the most of this new space.

Create a space that’s adaptable

While your child is a teen now, they won’t always be. Soon, they may be ready to part with some of their belongings. Their new closet should have space for a new suit or storage for high school trophies. Instead of designing your child’s closet with set fixtures, do your best to create a space that is transitional and adaptable. This allows you to remove baskets and stack boxes in the closet as your child grows up.

Add personality to the closet

Custom closets should be anything but boring. While you may choose a wood and color that’s neutral, consider adding wall paper, picture frames, or mirrors to make the space unique. Your child’s closet should be an extension of their personality. The happier they are with their new closet, the more apt they’ll be to keep it clean.

Whether you’re looking for a completely new design or for custom closet organizers in Marietta, transforming your child’s closet to suit their needs is a great idea. Not only will it help them to feel more confident in their space, but it will also provide more storage and organization; making it easier to keep things clean. It’s a win-win!

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How to Choose the Best Custom Closet Design Company

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Your custom closet should be more than just a place to house your belts and scarves. It should be a space for you to organize and enjoy every facet of your fashionable wardrobe. If you’re tired of the same old hanging rods and cubbies, it’s time to hire a company that handles professional closet design in Atlanta. Not just any custom closet company will do when you’re looking to create a beautiful space. Use these tips and tricks from the experts to ensure you find the very best business for the job.


Ask friends and family members for referrals. If you’ve seen a closet that you’re in love with, don’t be afraid to ask the owner who created it for them. Referrals from those you trust is the easiest way to narrow down your options for custom closet companies. With their help, you can avoid those contractors who may not perform the best work.


Look for experience. Don’t allow your closet to be someone’s guinea pig. It’s important that the custom closet company that you hire has experience. That’s not to say that newer companies can’t provide stellar services, but it’s best to verify their qualifications. The longer a company has been in business, the more experience they’ll have.


Preview their portfolio. One of the best ways to check the experience of your prospective company is by looking at their closet portfolio. Some custom closet companies may even have a showroom that you can tour. Reviewing the different projects that a company has worked on gives you an idea of their previous experience. You’ll discover whether they can handle the scope of your custom closet dreams.

Quality Materials

The right company will use only the best products. If you’re spending your hard-earned cash on a custom closet design, you want it to be done right. The company that you choose to handle your closet should offer nothing but the best products made from the best materials. Real hardwood in a variety of colors and sturdy hardware is a tell-tale sign of a quality company.


Ask about a warranty. A good custom closet company stands by their work. Whether there’s an issue with the design or a hardware malfunction, your company should be willing to make it right. A guarantee on the work performed protects your investment. Plus, it proves that your chosen company is dedicated to customer satisfaction and their own reputation.


Your chosen company should have a background in design. Sure, it’s important that the shelves are made out of a high-quality wood, but it’s also important that the design of the shelves is fluid. The company that you choose should be able to design your custom closet based on the space that you provide. They’ll be able to make the most out of your closet and provide storage for all of your necessities. If a prospective custom closet company has the knowledge to build storage but not to design it, keep looking. You deserve a company that’s the total package.

No matter what your closet design ideas in Atlanta may be, you need the right custom closet company to make your dreams a reality. With these tips and tricks, you’ll find and hire the right company in no time.

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