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A ‘How-To’ For Closet Makeovers

Closet makeovers not only get your clothes organized, but can establish a mood, create a high-end retail simulation, be the home of your art collection, and more. Custom closet companies in Marietta have experience in all closet designs and can guide you in a closet makeover you will love.

Closet Makeovers
  • A simple, functional makeover consists of changing out the one-rod closet for two: one high rod for long-hanging clothes, and one low rod for shirts and blouses. Simple shelving is perfect for shoes and purses, while shelving with drawers extends your dresser storage space.
  • For convenience, the shelving and drawer area can also be fitted with a charging station for all your electrical devices, away from the main living area of the family.
  • If your space can accommodate it, a window in the closet allows you to choose to clothe in natural light, perfect for determining true colors and color matching. If you have a good-size room to work with, comfy chairs next to the window make for a handy place to put your shoes on.
  • Walk-in closets offer abundant space for the creative owner. A personal art display on the walls or a small item collection behind glass is inspiring to see every day. If you have space, your closet may accommodate a small office with a fold-up desk and cupboard for supplies.
  • Display shoes and purses on low shelves to create easy access. Add recessed lighting accenting these items and you will have created a boutique similar to the high-end shops you love to shop in.
  • Does your walk-in closet face an outside wall where you could install a good-sized window? Closet windows are a trend today and give the room relief from feeling like a cave where your clothes are kept. A large mirror installed directly across from the window will reflect additional light into the room and visually expand the space.
  • Consider new lighting for your closet makeover. Trendings are recessed spotlights and soft floods that are motion-activated. Lights should not distort the color of the garments, so check outdoors to make sure your colors are showing true under the new lights.

There are many options for a closet makeover. Consider your budget and where you can get the most value. Is it the lighting? A new window? Shelving and storage? A closet makeover can be done in stages, as your budget allows. Consult with the custom closet designer professionals at Closet Designs and More to build a plan, do the work, and enjoy the results!