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Custom Closet Design

Your home is your refuge. 

At Closet Designs and More, we offer custom home storage and organization solutions to enhance the functionality of your space. That way, you’ll enjoy easy mornings, efficient days, and restful evenings. 

You won’t believe the difference that home organization makes in your life. Contact us today to find out for yourself!

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Organize Your Home with Bespoke Closet Design Services

Find everything you need to organize your home, from custom walk-in closets to pantry organization systems, here at Closet Designs and More.

Custom Closet Systems

Your closet organization system shaves time off of your morning routine – and makes it easier to protect your favorite pieces from wear. Some clothes wrinkle when hung closely together, but with a custom designed space, your clothes are ready to go when you need them. 

Our designers take the time to learn more about your wardrobe and daily routines. That way, your closet design maximizes your space to ensure that you get the most out of your home. 

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Custom Garage Cabinets

custom garage cabinets

The garage is a place to get things done. Whether the kids are gearing up for soccer practice or you want to restore the classic car of your dreams, our custom garage storage systems empower you to achieve more. 

For example, our innovative sliding door system improves accessibility to your belongings. You’ll never again have to back your car out of the garage to access your things!

Choose from nearly 200 sizes of garage cabinets for a completely custom look. See all of our garage services to organize your space today.

Custom Office Cabinets

Whether you have a separate home office or a nook that shares space with the living room, our designers ensure that your office is comfortable, practical, and spacious. Get right to work in the morning with a clean countertop and cabinets that hold everything you need to start the day off right. 

With the right office system, you’ll maximize your productivity and minimize undue stress. See all of our office services to design your ideal workspace today.

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About Our Team: Experts in Home Organization

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At Closet Designs and More, we’re friendly, collaborative, and communicative, which guarantees that you’ll enjoy the experience as much as the results. We work with you to develop a personalized design that maximizes storage, efficiency, and aesthetics in your home. 

Every storage design service begins with a detailed evaluation of your home, and a discussion of your vision for the finished space. Then, we offer an extensive portfolio of superior-quality cabinets, shelves, and other storage systems that minimize the amount of time you spend rearranging or searching for your belongings.

Learn more about us today to discover why we’re Chamblee, GA’s preferred custom closet design company.

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Don’t let a cluttered home lead to a cluttered mind or daily routine.

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