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Closet Organization Ideas for Your Laundry Room Makeover

While the laundry room is hardly the main focal point of your home, it’s a space that you want neat, organized, and convenient to use. If your laundry room is lacking in any of these qualities, and you’re considering a laundry room makeover, then it’s important that you redesign your storage spaces in the laundry room as well. Here are a few tips and ideas for organizing the closets and other storage areas in your laundry room.

Use Vertical Space

Don’t let the space above your washer and dryer go to waste. If you don’t already have some, consider installing cabinets above your washer and dryer. This is a great location for your laundry detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets, and other tools that you use with every load. This keeps all of the items you need within easy reach, but allows them to be out of sight and organized.

If you’d rather have a shelf over your washer and dryer than a cabinet, you can store your detergents and other items in attractive containers so that your laundry room still has a neat and organized look. One popular option nowadays is to keep your liquid laundry detergent in a plastic drink dispenser. It looks nice, and has an easy nozzle for measuring out the detergent for your loads of laundry.

Organize Extra Linens

The laundry room is also a great place for organizing and storing extra sheets and blankets in your home. This keeps them from taking up space in your bedroom closet, but still allows them to be easily accessible. Build a closet or cabinet with plenty of shelving into your laundry room so that you can fold and store your extra linens as soon as they come out of the dryer.

Add It to Your Room

Rather than just putting a closet in your laundry room, have you thought of putting a laundry room in your closet? Most people seem to do their folding in their bedrooms, so rather than lugging laundry baskets across your house, consider putting a laundry center right in your master suite. If you have the space for it, you can add a small laundry room to your walk-in closet. Imagine being able to hang your clothes up the second you pull them from the dryer. You’ll never have to worry about wrinkles again! And, of course, the convenience is priceless.

So, if you want to makeover your laundry room, keep these tips in mind for closet organization in Alpharetta.

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Benefits of Hiring a Professional Closet Organizer

Hiring a professional closet organizer might sound like something that only the social elite can afford, but it’s actually a choice that many people can benefit from. Custom closet organizers in Duluth help everyone from busy moms to business professionals, and everything in between. What prompts people to hire these professionals? Here are just a few of the benefits that you can see from hiring a professional closet organizer.

Clearing the Clutter

A professional organizer will help you to evaluate every item in your closet and make a realistic decision about whether or not it is something you should keep. They’ll offer a professional, unbiased opinion about whether you’re keeping that dress because you’ll wear it again, or because you’re emotionally attached to it. This outside perspective can help you to clear out a lot of clutter so that your closet isn’t overflowing with clothes and shoes you don’t really need.

Establishing a System

Next, they’ll help you to install a professional-grade organization system. Depending on your needs and your closet space, this may include extra shelving, drawers, clothing racks, and even special storage cases for specific items like jewelry, ties, or cufflinks. This type of system will make organization easier, because every item will have its designated place. You won’t just be tossing things onto shelves when you know exactly where each item belongs.

Creating Organized Habits

A professional closet organizer can also help you by teaching you to follow new, more organized habits. Your new closet space won’t stay organized for long if you still habitually toss clothes on the floor while picking out your clothes each day. Your closet organizer can show you ways that you can change your routine, so that your closet stays neat and organized. This may include using a special rack to hang up your outfit for the next day before you go to bed at night. It will still take some effort to change your habits, but an organized professional can give you the tools and advice to help you make a start.

Whole House Organization

Professional closet organizers can organize more than your bedroom closet. They can organize your children’s’ bedroom closets, your office closets, your storage closets, and more. Any storage space in your home can be organized to make your life simpler and easier.

So, if you feel like your home and your closets could use a little extra organization, look into hiring a professional closet organizer who can install a custom closet system in Duluth. You’ll notice the benefits in your life right away.

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8 Custom Pantry Design Ideas to Keep Your Kitchen Organized

The pantry is one of the most essential tools in your kitchen. It is where you store everything from your morning cereal to your standing mixer. Foodstuffs, cooking appliances, and more all belong in your pantry, which is why you need to be sure your pantry is up to the task. A custom closet company in Atlanta can design, build, and install a custom closet that can store all everything you need to prep food and host meal parties at home.

Before you install your custom pantry, you should seek inspiration from professional-grade designers and home storage experts. These are 8 custom pantry ideas that you can use to create your custom design.

The Reserve Pantry

For an extra helping of storage space, convert a nearby coat closet or utility closet into a second, smaller pantry. Install a custom closet system of racks and shelves for easy access to reserve goods like extra batteries or canned foods.

The Walk-In Pantry

Take a cue from bedroom closet design and install a walk-in pantry with ambient lighting and a mixture of cabinets, shelves, and racks for convenient storage. You could even go wild and drop a barstool in there to make it feel like a room all its own.

The Prep Pantry

Custom closet design professionals can create a pantry that is perfect for storing and prepping food. Install elbow-height cabinets for lower storage and keep the tops clean enough to prepare and organize what you need before you go back into the kitchen proper.

The Grocer’s Pantry

Install a functional custom pantry that any grocer would envy. Build a clean, even, parallel set of wraparound shelves that extend from the floor to the ceiling. Perfect the clean appearance with a single tone of neutral paint on the walls and shelves.

The Pristine Pantry

Keep things pristine and white by installing clean, minimalist, hideaway shelves and drawers. You can take closet organization to the immaculate level with white paint and silver hardware.

The Expanding Pantry

Pull-out shelves may be a must-have for you to store your goods neatly. Pantry drawers can display a single row of foods in front to signify a category of products stored behind. For instance, a row of chip bags along the front of one set of drawers will remind you that’s where your savory snacks are stored.

The Rustic Pantry

Custom closets can be just as inviting as the kitchen. Install a charming pantry that integrates natural wood shelving with old-fashioned crates and baskets. Then, decorate with charm by allowing natural light in and laying a comfortable rug along the length of the room.

The Mason-Lover’s Pantry

Obsessed with Mason jars? Transform your pantry to suit your obsession. Install rows of narrow shelves, each just snug enough to fit jars of different sizes. A custom extra lip above the edge can protect those delicate glass jars from accidental spills.

There’s a chance that your pantry is being underserved. While most pantries tend to look like a messy afterthought, a custom closet company in Atlanta can introduce extra style and functionality into yours. Take inspiration from the 8 above ideas to unlock your pantry’s potential.

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The Benefits of Having a Professionally Designed Closet

Millions of people remodel their homes every year, and they know that hiring a professional for the job is the right way to go. However, far fewer people realize just how beneficial it can be to hire a professional closet designer to redesign your closet organization in Johns Creek. But, the truth is there are many benefits of hiring such a professional to design your closet. Here are just a few of them.

Maximize Use of Your Space

How much space in your closet is virtually useless for proper storage? You probably have that shelf at the top of the closet where you casually toss items you don’t use. There’s probably floor space under your hanging clothes that is completely wasted. A professional closet designer can create a custom organization system that will maximize use of your available space so that no inch goes to waste.

Get Creative Design Ideas

Closets should be more than just functional. They should be pleasing to the eye as well. You should have a closet system that keeps all of your clothing and possessions organized while also looking nice. A professional knows how to combine aesthetics with function to give you a perfectly designed closet space. Hiring a professional allows you to tap into their knowledge and creativity to make that dream closet a reality.

Get a High-Quality, Durable Solution

A lot of stores sell DIY closet organization systems. You simply buy the parts and install them into your closet yourself. But, most of these systems are made of low-quality materials. And, because you’re installing it yourself, it may not be hung with the best or most reliable methods. But a professional closet designer will install high-quality, durable shelves, racks, and cabinets for your closet storage. It will be a system that is built to last, so you don’t have to worry about shelves breaking or racks falling off in just a few years.

Increase Your Home Value

A professionally designed closet can actually increase the resale value of your home. It’s a small bonus that can really help your home to stand out in the market, and draw in prospective buyers. A high-quality closet system is definitely a good selling point for many potential buyers, and it can help you get a slightly higher price on your home when you decide to sell.

So, if you’re considering redesigning your closet, consider looking for professional closet design in Johns Creek. Hiring such a service will offer you many exceptional benefits that you just can’t get from organizing your closet on your own.

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How Custom Closets Help in Space Management

You may have heard about custom closets. They can be one of the most efficient ways of saving space in your room. These products help to find space that you never even knew was there. Closet organization companies in Atlanta design these custom closets to take full advantage of every nook and cranny, and use both horizontal and vertical spaces for storage. In fact, custom closet organizers in Atlanta will help you find spaces in the most customizable, efficient and aesthetically pleasing ways.

Shelving Rods

You may notice that you have shelves above your hanging rods where your store your clothes. The space above this may seem a tad useless to you since it’s so high up. While those shelves do have good potential usage for storing blankets and other large items, it’s very inconvenient to store clothes there since they’ll most likely be out of reach. With a custom closet, this space can be used more efficiently to provide more rods at easier-to-reach heights. This, in turn, creates an overall more usable space for you to store your clothes.

Rods at Different Lengths

With a standard closet, you usually get every rod at the same height. This is inconvenient for most as clothing consists of different sizes. With a custom closet, you can have these rods placed at higher heights to store long dresses and others at lower heights for blouses. This allows you to, once again, use the space more efficiently and enable you to store a larger number of items in the closet. A closet organization in Atlanta will have your custom closet made to the exact specifications of your liking.


The reduction of space being taken up as a result of less clothes hanging means you have more room available for drawers to be installed. Custom closets often come installed with drawers that you can store undergarments and other smaller items into. This also allows you to use other parts of your bedroom for any other purposes you might think of. You can have such smaller items more conveniently placed and won’t have to grab them from drawers that are inconveniently further away. A custom closet company in Atlanta can install beautiful drawers with your custom closet that will fulfill your specific needs.


One of the main advantages of custom closets is that they come packed with accessories to help you save space. This reduces clutter and mess; for example, you can have a shoe rack installed into your custom closet which keeps your footwear nicely organized. You can also have tie racks and belt hooks installed if they are needed. The great thing about custom closets is that you only need to have the features installed that you will actually use. No space will be left to waste, and when closet designs companies in Atlanta install these accessories into your custom closet, it will be done so effectively that your purchase will be justified immediately.

A custom closet is a fantastic investment for anyone who values tidiness and wants to save as much space as possible. They look great and offer an incredible amount of functionality. The main advantage of getting a custom closet installed in Atlanta is that you can have one made to suit your exact needs. You can create space, organization and more overall comfort for your home.

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5 Tips to Design the Master Closet You Dream About

Is your wardrobe busting out into the master bedroom… and beyond? Does your partner have to get dressed in the guest room because there just isn’t enough space for both of you? You’re in luck! The professionals at Closet Designs and More create custom closet designs in Cumming every day. Read on for a few tips and tricks to make your master closet more functional.

2 People, Different Requirements

For most couples, your everyday wardrobe is different. You have unique styles, hobbies, and careers. So, why would your master closet be the same for both of you? Here are things to consider that may be answered differently for each of you:

  • How many, and what types, of shoes do you have?
  • Do you need hanging space for dresses or suits?
  • Do you need shelf space for folded t-shirts and sweaters?
  • How will you store ‘unmentionables’ and lingerie?
  • What kind of accessories do you wear? Ties, jewelry, belts?
  • Do you have active wear?
  • Where do the dirty clothes go? (Hopefully, not on the floor, right?)

Adding Furniture

Are you lucky enough to have space for a walk-in closet? Depending on the size, they can be the size of a small bedroom! You may only have room for a stool or ottoman, which can be handy for trying on shoes. But, if you do have the space, the addition of a comfortable chair or chaise lounge can turn your closet into a retreat from the chaos of everyday life, or just an escape from your kids.

Let There Be Light

Perhaps the most important consideration that often gets overlooked is light. A functional master closet requires excellent direct and indirect lighting to see the true colors and condition of your wardrobe, and how you look wearing it!

A combination of overhead, recessed, and sconces is ideal to reduce awkward shadows. Natural light is great, so bonus points for windows! Use a frosted window diffuser for privacy when necessary, but try to leave uncovered whenever possible. Avoid harsh fluorescent lamps, and aim for bulbs in a warmer daylight spectrum.

Mirror, Mirror

It’s no wonder Snow White’s step-mother had a mirror as her best friend. Plan a space for at least one full-length mirror to view your outfit from top to toe. You can see wrinkles, stains or dropped hems before you leave the house.

It can be on the back of a door, on the wall, or be a cheval mirror on a stand. Either way, be sure it’s in a well-lit area with easy access.

Professional Guidance

If you’re still at a loss, or buried under your bulging wardrobe, consult a professional closet designer. They can help separate you from your emotional response to items that no longer serve you, but you can’t bear to part with. Sometimes all you need is an outside perspective to energize and motivate you to start getting organized… starting with your master closet.

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Closet Design Ideas for Small Spaces

Rising housing costs have caused many people to simplify their lifestyles, opting for smaller spaces that are more affordable. But, often, the biggest problem with these smaller spaces is finding enough room for your possessions. This is especially true of your closet. You can only condense your wardrobe so much, and you need to find storage space for all of the items you own. If you have a small bedroom and closet, check out these ideas for small closet design in Smyrna.

Go Custom

If you want to make the most use of your closet space, your best option is to get a custom closet designed for your space. A closet designer will create an organizational system–complete with shelves, drawers, racks, and more–that will perfectly suit whatever closet space you do have. They will ensure that every square inch is used to maximum efficiency, so you can keep more items in the same space.

Use Low Space

In many closets, the floor space beneath hanging clothes goes unused. If you have a small closet, you should maximize the use of this space by having shelves or drawers installed beneath where the clothes would hang. You can use those shelves for shoes, or keep additional clothing in those drawers. With tricks like these, you may even be able to toss out your dresser and keep all your clothes in the closet, which adds precious square footage to small bedrooms.

Use Your Bedroom

Some bedrooms in modern apartments don’t have a closet space at all. If this is the case for you, a custom organization system can easily be added to one wall of your bedroom, enabling you to store all of your clothing just as you would in a closet. Don’t want all your clothes exposed all the time? Get a unit with doors on the front that you can easily close to hide your possessions. Or, hang a curtain across that section of the room. This also gives you a nice, private dressing room if you need one.

Find Another Room

If your closet really just doesn’t cut it, and there’s no way to make your possessions fit, get creative and find another space that you can store your clothing. Perhaps there is a small office that can be converted into a walk-in closet and dressing room. Maybe there is a nook in the hall just outside your bedroom door. See if you can find other spaces that will function as a closet, and work with a custom closet designer in Smyrna to turn it into an organized, functional space.

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The Importance of Liquor Cabinets

you’re hosting a big party, a small celebration with a few friends, or just a romantic evening with your significant other, few things are more important than a custom closet for all your libations, otherwise known as a liquor cabinet. A custom closet company in Roswell can build you a compact but spacious custom liquor cabinet that has space for all of your necessities. Here are a few reasons why you should definitely look into installing a liquor cabinet in your home.

Keep It Together

When company drops by, or a small gathering turns into a party, you need to know where all of your drinks and accessories are. Don’t scramble to find that bottle your father-in-law bought you and rifle behind cereal boxes and other pantry goods to locate it. Where is that new bottle of tequila? Did you stuff it in a wine rack where it didn’t fit or has it just been sitting in a corner of the kitchen counter? A high-quality liquor cabinet installed by custom closet organizers will keep your stemware, glassware, wine, liquor, shakers, and accessories all in one compact space. Simply open a door or cabinet and everything is exactly where you sorted it.

Make It Official

A staple of great hosting abilities is following up the question, “Do you want something to drink?” with your guest’s choice. And don’t follow up this question by searching your refrigerator in desperation. Most importantly, don’t just settle on giving your guests tap water. No matter the occasion, it’s always good hosting to fix your guests a drink. Friends, family, business visitors, new neighbors, and all other guests would rarely say no to a flavorful beverage, so be sure have a great liquor cabinet with room enough for a variety of options.

By the way, a custom closet company can incorporate a liquor cabinet into your pantry, too. So, if you prefer to offer non-alcoholic beverages, you can keep sodas, seltzer water bottles, and other virgin options in the same place you store snacks to hand out.

Build It

The idea of a liquor cabinet shouldn’t be new to you, but the possibilities might be. Where do you start? If you are used to simply storing bottles in your freezer like a college student, then a large custom liquor cabinet in your kitchen or just outside your dining room can help you build an adult collection of drinks, mixers, and glassware. It’s a staple of any adult home, and you are falling behind if you haven’t caught this trend. But whether you’re an avid drinker who wants to store their large collection in style or just want a small place to organize the occasional libation, turn to a custom closet company in Roswell for a stylish and unique solution for your home.

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How to Keep a Closet Organized

Start the new year off with a clean slate and a clean closet. With a custom closet design in Alpharetta, and these tip from Closet Designs and More, you can keep your closet organized all year long.

Keep Closet Organized

Custom Storage

The first and easiest way to organize your closet is to invest in custom storage. Most homes come with some closet shelving or hanging rods, but these are not one-size-fits-all. A custom closet package with pull-out storage drawers can hold help you organize smaller clothes like socks, leggings, and intimates. Maximize your storage vertical space with floor-to-ceiling shelves or drawers. Add a custom wall unit with glass cabinets to show off your favorite shoes, jewelry, pictures frames, or other collectibles.

Space Bags

Once you’ve created your custom closet, keep the clutter out by putting items you don’t use regularly into long-term storage. For this, invest a couple of space bags. Space bags have revolutionized the storage industry in the last few years by condensing your clothing and linen collections into more manageable containers. Space bags are essentially giant Ziploc bags that can hold large amounts of clothing or linens. Place your folded items into the bag and seal it shut. Attach your vacuum hose to the opening on the side of the bag and use the vacuum to remove all the air from the bag. Once all the air is gone, the bag is as flat as a pancake which makes it easier to store. Space bags are also resistant to water, mold, and insects so you can store your clothes in attic or basement without fear. Use your space bags to store last season’s clothes until you need them next year.

Annual Decluttering

Try to go through your closets at least once a year if not once a season and remove any clothes that you don’t want any more. The best way to declutter is to take everything out and evaluate each piece. When was the last time you actually wore those jeans? Does that shirt even fit you anymore? Are bellbottoms really going to make comeback?  Get rid of anything that either doesn’t fit or is outdated. Give back to your community by donating gently-used items to your local clothing bank.

Managing Drawers

Dresser and vanity drawers are great for storing smaller but if you’re not careful, these can become a disorganized mess. To keep your sock and underwear draw organize, recycle those old shoe boxes and use as sectional dividers inside the drawer. For smaller items like jewelry, use an empty egg crate to separate earrings and necklaces and keep them from getting tangled. Use small plastic totes or trays to organize makeup. The plastic will protect other items in your draw in case your makeup has a meltdown.

Don’t wait to declutter your life. Keep your closet organized and get back on track with custom closet systems in Alpharetta.

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How to Design a Laundry Closet for Small Spaces

People who live in tiny homes don’t exactly have a choice but to forego the laundry room and closet. However, you don’t have to endure not having them. It can be a challenge to build, but if you have patience and lots of ingenuity, or just know someone who executes small closet design ideas in Suwanee, then just go for it. Here are concepts to inspire you to build your own:

Vertical Storage

One of the things to help you open up your tiny space is to use vertical storage. Use the walls to set up open shelves and store only necessary items. Do not hesitate to throw away things that you haven’t used for over a year. A walk-in closet design in Suwanee should use all the available space efficiently for a successful tiny laundry room project.

Hanging Storage

Another space-saving way to hold your essentials is to use hanging racks, hooks, and boxes. You can place detergents, brushes, and clean rugs within reach. You can create one area for washing or cleaning supplies. There are plenty of ideas that you can copy. Avoid large hangers that will obstruct light or some other usable space.

Ingenious Storage

People who create closet designs in Suwanee are some of the most resourceful individuals. Look for plans in their portfolios that will allow you to use unconventional spaces for hanging and storing items. A great example is the ceiling. You can use the area for a retractable or ladder-type clothes rack, which is a perfect feature for a tiny apartment in the city.

Corner Shelves

Corners are tricky spots to use. Most of the time, homeowners find it difficult to create usable corner spaces that they end up being idle. This area can easily store folded clean laundry or some other light items that you can stack and store in tight corner boxes. Just make sure to place the folding station directly beneath that corner.

Plan Your Movement

Before building, plan a workstation that is similar to an assembly line. Start with your machine from one side with a seamless counter made against the walls of your tiny space, moving horizontally (or whatever shape you want your laundry area to be) to a drying rack to a folding station.

Don’t forget to include a fan that will help to move the exhaust out to make your laundry area comfortable.

Foldable Desks and Baskets

A foldable counter is an ideal work table for your folding area in your walk-in closet in Smyrna. You can also place nesting baskets at the bottom of your folding counter for extra storage.

These are design ideas that you can copy for a tiny laundry room and closet. Whether you plan to DIY or hire someone to do it for you, careful planning and designing are essential in making your project successful.

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