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Design a Custom Closet System to Simplify Your Life

At Closet Designs and More, we provide Atlanta residents with relief from stressful mornings. Our custom closets are designed by a team of expert contractors and are tailored to benefit your unique lifestyle.

We offer custom storage solutions to serve any need. Our showroom is large and our knowledge profound.

And our design team listens to your needs. When we design an organizer system, our satisfaction comes from your satisfaction — which is why we back our work with a lifetime guarantee on all wood products.

Reach-In Closet Organizers

We craft each of our reach-in closet organizer systems from superior-quality products, and these materials are backed by our lifetime guarantee. We use laminate shelves and cabinets to protect your custom closet solution from stains, moisture, and heat. 

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Custom Closet Organizers and Systems

Custom Walk-In Closets

Like your home, your closet is unique, so we’ll design a custom walk-in closet that fits your lifestyle. In fact, we strive for innovative closet design. 

Our unique approach to custom closet design begins with a free, no-obligation consultation. This is vital for visualizing your design before we start any work. 

Our revolutionary 3D design system empowers us to draw your space virtually, add your selected components, and embellish the design with upgrades and accessories. Before we even step foot inside your home, you’ll be able to see your creation.

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Colors & Styles

For our custom closets, we offer six distinct styles and 11 colors to choose from — mix and match for a personal look!

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Closet Accessories

Design your closet to complement your style with custom accessories. Our diverse list of options enable you to perfect your design! 

Choose from the list below to enrich your daily routine:

  • Velveteen-Lined Jewelry Drawers
  • Tilt-Out Hampers
  • Adjustable Shelves
  • Sliding Belt, Tie, and Scarf Racks
  • Angled Shoe Shelves
  • Pull-Out Pants Racks

…and more! No matter which option you choose, your custom closet will be organized for your specific life. Browse our closet accessories today!

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How much time would you save if your closet were perfectly organized to suit your routine? Save money now — and time every day — by designing a custom closet with Closet Designs and More.

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