How To Evaluate The Cost Of Custom Closets

Custom closets are excellent and convenient features for any home or business, but just how costly can they be? Customizing a closet means more than hanging up curtains or choosing a paint color. Today’s closets are far more advanced than a room with hanging rods, after all. You can customize your closet to hold a variety of storage-optimizing features.  These features include but aren’t limited to shoe shelves, custom cabinets, drawers and racks. There are plenty of variables that go into play when determining custom closet cost.

The price may be more attainable than you would expect, especially for how long-lasting and time-saving a custom closet can be. Read on to find a good idea of what it costs to turn your closet around and make it truly homeowner-friendly.

Cost of custom closets

What You Pay For Custom Closets?

First of all, you should understand custom closet systems in Atlanta are not just modular pieces that someone drops into your closet. The most impressive and practical custom closet ideas center around customized pieces that are made to fit directly into the room. The closet will be based on your needs, what you store, how you like to stay organized, and much more.

So when you order custom closet services, you are paying for multiple aspects. Theres the design, the material costs, accessories, the style of the custom furnishings, and the installation services.

Custom Closet Cost

Personal Touches

Note that accessories will definitely change the price. Do you want your closet to have polished handles and pulls? Do you want slanted shoe shelves and pulldown rods? What about ceiling-height furnishings to be installed in your closet? 

Some closet designs can even include benches, hampers, and other ancillary furnishings. You can dress up your closet with molding, under-cabinet lighting and special stains. All of your choices will change the cost for the overall services you receive.

Getting a Custom Quote

If you want spectacular closet organization in Atlanta, then you should plan to pay accordingly. For the most part, custom closets made of basic, neutral laminate will cost you about $125/foot, including taxes, design fees, and installation costs. For example, a 13×7 walk-in closet with a basic, custom design will cost about $4,125 (all-in). In general, add-ons can range in price from $50 to $200. Higher-end design choices and style upgrades can double or even triple the overall costs.

If you want to know more about what you can expect to pay to upgrade your boring closet into an excellent custom design, talk to closet designers. They’ll ask about your storage needs, the size of your closets, and your cost budget. That is the best way to get an accurate quote. You can even browse through a gallery of designs and get approximate quotes based on the costs of those model closets.

While it may seem like a pricey investment to receive custom closets in Atlanta, the convenience, pride, saved time, cleanliness, and beauty that come with a custom closet are unrivaled and make the expense more than worth it.