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Newlywed’s Guide To Organizing and Sharing a Closet

 A lot of things about your lifestyle change when you get married. You might be prepared for many of these changes and even look forward to them, but there is one change to your life that many people don’t think about. It may seem like a small change, but it’s one that can cause arguments between newlywed couples: sharing a closet. One partner might feel that the other has too many clothes and that they’re taking more than their share of the space. The other spouse might feel that their new companion is disorganized and makes the closet a mess. But with proper closet design in Duluth and effective organizational skills, you can easily share a closet with your partner without any contention in your relationship.


Pick a Side

The first step is to divide your closet into 2 designated spaces. If your closet is not easily divided right now, it may be worth installing some additional racks and shelves for easier organization and division. When this is done, each of you should have a designated space that the other can’t encroach upon. For example, rather than having one long rack that you try to keep evenly divided, you can place a set of shelves in the center of the wall so you each have a couple of designated shelves and a rack on one side.

Purge Your Clothes

Organizing and Sharing a closet

If the two of you have too many items of clothing to fit in a shared closet, then you need to purge your items. This is something you should do together. First, go through your clothing and decide what to get rid of. Then, go through your partner’s clothes. Odds are, you have some clothes that your partner just doesn’t like, and they should have some amount of say in whether or not you keep items that they would prefer you not to wear. If they want to get rid of something you want to keep, you’re allowed to veto up to 3 items, but make sure to keep it civil.

Keep It Organized

Now you’re ready to put everything back in the closet. Group like items together, hang skirts with skirts, slacks with slacks, and so on. You can even organize your items by color as well. You should also allow the amount of space you have to dictate the number of items you own. For example, if you have a shoe rack, you should never own more shoes than what fits in the shoe rack. This will keep your shared space from getting overwhelmed.

If you follow these tips and look for other closet design ideas in Duluth, sharing a closet should be no problem.