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5 Brilliant Back-to-School Closet Organization Ideas

Nobody wants to start the school year playing “catch up” on day one. Our custom closet design team recommends that Atlanta parents start their annual closet cleanout in late summer. This gives you time to focus on organization and get everything exactly the way it should be before you’ve even received your child’s back to school shopping list.

Here are some easy tips you can use right now to improve your child’s closet and prepare for the new school year!

Reach In Closet Organizers Buckhead

Start Before Doing Laundry

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7 Amazing Closet Design Ideas for a Small Space

Closet Design For Small Spaces

Living in an apartment or duplex can have its design benefits, but having a small closet space isn’t one of them. It might be nice to be able to reach nearly everything you own without getting off the couch, but when it comes to storing all of your clothes and shoes, you might run into a few problems. Many people run into the stressful problem of trying to find different ways to rearrange and design their closet in order to fit all of their belongings.

There are a handful of wonderful closet design ideas in Atlanta that you might want to consider trying out for yourself.

7 Design Ideas For Small Closet Space

  1. Extender Rod

    You can actually double your available hanging space by adding an extender rod. They’re pretty cheap, too, as a matter of fact! It’s just a second closet rod that hangs off an existing closet rod. Most closets leave a massive amount of vertical space that seems to be usable. An extra closet rod will help you use all of that space.

  2. Shelf Dividers

    You can store more clothes and shoes on shelves with shelf dividers. Having all of your different clothing types stacked on your shelves next to each other quickly gets messy. Laundry can be exhausting when you have to take everything out of your shelves to rearrange them. Using shelf dividers helps you keep those stacks of clothes from falling over and getting mixed up together.

  3. Under-The-Shelf Baskets

    Try out some under the shelf baskets. You can actually double the amount of shelf space that you currently have by adding in under the shelf baskets. These baskets hook on to your shelves and hang down below, providing you with more space than you knew you could have. Depending on the size of your closet, you can fit multiple under the shelf baskets and store all sorts of accessories. You can also place clothes, shoes, and ties in each of the baskets.

  4. Hooks

    Hooks are your best friend. If you can look in your closet and find any wall space that isn’t covered by clothes, hang some hooks there. If there’s enough space, hang an entire rack of hooks there. What’s more appealing than hanging space! Hooks are a wonderful way to reclaim space that you didn’t think you could use. Hooks are also a great way to hang more clothes or belts that you thought you didn’t have any room for.

  5. Suitcase Space

    Store suitcases above your closet door. If you can hang hooks close to the ceiling in your closet, then you’ve got space for your suitcases. Living in a small area means that every amount of floor space is needed. Storing your suitcases at the top of your closet means they don’t sit on the floor taking up unnecessary space anymore. You can even store lightweight out of season clothing items in suitcases, thus creating more room in your closet.

  6. Utilize The Closet Door

    Hang things inside of your closet door. Scarves, belts, and hats are an easy thing to store on the inside of your door with hooks or tacks.

  7. Plastic Shoe Rack

    They have little cubbies on them that will hold all of your different pairs of shoes. They hang from the top of your closet door by several hooks, and create loads of storage space.
Click here for more small space closet design ideas and inspiration.

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7 Things to Consider When Hiring a Custom Closet Company

A closet is no longer an afterthought or a place to simply store your shoes. It’s now a luxury space where you can get ready, express your style, and stay organized. If your closet is lacking design and organization, it’s time for a transformation. Hiring a professional company to handle your custom closet design in Atlanta is a great way to ensure that your space turns out exactly the way you want. Don’t hire just anyone to work on your closet, though. Here are a few things you can do to guarantee that you find the best company for the job.

Custom Closet Company

7 Points of Consideration For Hiring A Closet Company

  1. Look for a showroom

    Custom closet companies understand how important it is to hire a qualified professional to handle the install and design. Respectable companies will have a showroom set up. This allows you to preview their work and get a feel for how much experience they have.

  2. Get Referrals

    Talk to someone who has recently had a custom closet installed. Talk to them about the company they used. Would they recommend them? Why or why not? Additionally, there are plenty of third party review sites available to help you find the right builder.

  3. Are They Experienced?

    That’s not to say that newer companies can’t handle the project. A company that has been in business for a while is usually a better choice. By the same token, not only do they have more experience, they also probably offer warranties and competitive pricing.

  4. What’s The Warranty?

    You’ll want to find a custom closet company that offers one! You are spending your hard earned cash creating a space that you love. Choosing a company that stands by their work protects your investment. Another key point, it proves to you that the business takes the satisfaction of their customers seriously.

  5. Design Basics

    Your chosen closet company needs to know how to design. Basic closets are easy to design. Install a few shelves and hanging bars and you’re good to go! When it comes to custom closet designs, however, a keen eye is needed. Your company should be able to envision your dream in your allotted space. Using creativity, they’ll be able to make your dreams come true! Additionally, they should be up front and realistic with expectations.

  6. Make Sure They’re Insured

    There are plenty of unlicensed custom closet companies available to help you with your project. Hiring these providers is a mistake. Look for companies that are properly insured, bonded, and licensed. This means that they meet legal standards and that you won’t be held liable should an incident occur during the project.

  7. What Materials Are Used?

    Check out the quality of materials and hardware before installing. You’re building a custom closet because you want a luxurious location to store your belongings. Don’t settle for any company that uses anything but the best materials.

Whether you’re envisioning a modern design or something more chic, choosing the right custom closet company in Atlanta is the best way to make your dream become a reality. With these helpful tips, you’ll find the right experts for the job in no time!

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Designing and Organizing Your Closet Space

Like picking out shoes, there are two ways to go about closet designs in Atlanta. You can choose function or fashion. You may love those kicky, red sky-high heels, but they’re definitely a fashion choice. You’ll look great but your feet will be screaming. Many closet designs appear to be tailor made for photographs complete with brilliant lighting schemes and displaying just enough items to look polished rather than used.

Fortunately, modern closet designers know how to create a space where form meets function. A savvy closet design in Atlanta should amp up storage space while creating a closet you actually enjoy venturing into!

Here are a few things to consider about closet designs.

Shirt Storage

One challenge of storing your sweaters and knits in a drawer is that you have to dig to find what you want. This creates a mess as sweaters and carefully folded shirts are strewn out on the bed or floor during your search. One way great closet designs in Atlanta can make your life a little easier and your closet a little cleaner is by using shelving for your sweaters and knits. Your sweaters and knits can be stored folded on the shelves, as they would be in a drawer, but they’re easily accessible and visible. You also don’t have to worry about your sweaters forming hanger dentations as you would if you hung them.

Hanging Space

Most professionals need a lot of room for hanging shirts, suits, and dresses. A closet designer will examine your wardrobe and create a closet with enough hanging space to properly showcase and store your business wardrobe.


If you have a small closet, a savvy designer can create an area for storing your winter belongings during summer months and vice versa. Think decorative baskets that you can easily pack with sweaters to store on a bottom or top shelf in the spring, switching out your t-shirts.


Shoes can be tricky, but even small closets can be organized in a way that makes your shoes easily accessible without piling them on the floor. One common trick designers use is adding additional shelving. Even bookshelves or cubby holes inside your closet are a great way to keep your shoes looking organized without having to use a lot of effort every time you take off a pair! Another great way to store shoes is on a pegboard rack. You can hang shoes at eye level, so the shoes you want are easy to find and even simpler to grab and go.

If you’re a real shoe horse, it may make sense to store some rarely worn shoes in decorative baskets. For example, you may toss your flip-flops in a basket once the snow begins falling and switch those out with boots in the spring.

The key to great closet design is creating the right amount of storage for the kinds of items you have in your wardrobe, and finding ways to make cycling your wardrobe from summer to winter items simple. And of course, the right closet design is one that you love. That may mean a pop of color if you use decorative baskets or some well-placed lights and mirrors. With the right designer, you won’t need to sacrifice form for fashion.

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