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How to Design a Man’s Closet

Rows of shelves for shoes, dozens of drawers for accessories—does this sound like the makings of a dream closet? A big space with plenty of storage isn’t just something that women want; men need it too. If you’re looking for a custom closet in Atlanta that’s large enough for your cufflinks, suits, shorts, and tees, here are a few design tips to make sure your new space is perfect.

Use Double Hanging Rods

A man’s closet will typically have more storage space than a woman’s. Because men don’t need tall hanging rods, it leaves more usable space. Take advantage of this area by utilizing double hanging rods. The extra rod should be placed just below the lowest-hanging article of clothing. Not only does this give you more places to hang your threads, but it creates a more elegant layered look.

Fold Your Sweaters

If you’re in the habit of hanging your heavy sweaters, you may be stretching them out. Instead of hanging them, create a space in your custom closet where you can fold each of your sweaters and stack them nicely. Whether you choose to install one column of shelving or an entire cubby system, your sweaters will thank you!

Keep Your Shoes Off the Floor

Over the years, you’ve probably accumulated quite a few pairs of shoes. Your newly designed closet should provide plenty of storage for your kicks. Whether you prefer sneakers, casual loafers, or high-fashion leather boots, there should be a place for you to put each of your pairs of shoes. Make sure that your shoe storage is located off the floor to give your closet a clean and organized look.

Install Custom Storage Options

You have different closet storage needs than a woman does. For example, you have many pairs of pants that are creased to perfection. While you could use a pants hanger to keep these creases crisp, why not install a pants rack? A pants rack is just one of the specialized storage options designed specifically for men. Don’t be afraid to utilize these options to keep your clothing looking fresh, even while hanging in your closet.

Untie Those Ties

One of the most unorganized spaces in a man’s closet is his tie collection. If you’ve got a tie hanger, chances are there are a few knots and tangles keeping you from accessing each tie. Don’t take this mess with you to your new closet. Instead, install a slide-out tie rack. These convenient racks keep each tie carefully separated from the others, allowing you to quickly access each one and pair it with the perfect shirt.

Safely Store Your Accessories

Women aren’t the only ones that need jewelry storage solutions. If you have cufflinks, tie clips, necklaces, rings, or watches, there should be a place to put them in your new closet. If you have a large closet, a display island can be installed to make your jewelry a focal point. For smaller closets, install a small pullout drawer to ensure that your accessories stay safe while not in use.

You deserve to have the storage space you need in your closet. When it comes to custom closets in Atlanta, allow the experts at Closet Designs and More to step in and create an area that is perfect for you.

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Guide to the Best Closet Organizers and Systems

You’re ready to get organized. You understand that the condition of your exterior space can reflect and shape the condition of your interior space. So, you want the peace and calm that will come from order and organization in your closet. Everything in its place and easy to access sounds perfect.

Now, where to begin? You’ve looked at custom closet systems in Marietta, and the options seems overwhelming. There are so many choices, but which one will perform best for you? We’ve broken down your options into a few simple categories to give you a head start.

Professional Custom Designs

Hiring a professional closet designer is the way to go if you’re willing to put in a little time and want an exact match to your lifestyle. A professional will help you create a system that will serve your needs for years to come.

The result can be a maximal, high-end system complete with lighted shoe storage, built-in seating, and ambient lighting to set the proper mood. This type of design is the perfect way to pamper yourself and add a little glamour to your life.

On the other hand, the result from a professional design can be more on the practical or even minimalist side. It all depends on the needs of your daily and yearly routines and the specifics of your space. A professional will create a system that suits your needs precisely and with style.

DIY Systems

If you are a die-hard DIYer, Rubbermaid and Closetmaid offer some great options. The Rubbermaid system is completely adjustable with metal rods and expanding shelves. It’s made to fit any walk-in or reach-in closet and fits on one wall. Closetmaid offers a comparable system with great adjustability as well. If you have an eye for organizing and just want to keep it simple, the DIY route may be the way to go.

Portable Systems

If you’re a renter or just a free spirit who doesn’t intend to stay in place very long, take a look at Elfa. Elfa offers free standing or insert solutions that you can pack up and take with you when you go. This system is available through The Container Store, and includes professional installation.

The Container Store offers both in-store or online design help. You need to clear out the shelves from your existing closet, but otherwise it’s a done-for-you option.

Quick Fix Systems

If you want to start simply, Easy Track is another good bet. Available on Amazon, Easy Track offers a super easy closet kit that can pull together your belongings in a day with a unified, straightforward look and little fuss. Here’s a quick fix when you don’t want to spend much time but you do want to arrange your belonging in a logical order.

With all of these options, you should be on your way to an organized closet!

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