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How To Maximize Walk-In Closet Storge

Is your closet color-coded? Is there a specific place for each one of your shoes? Are your belts all hung where you can see them? If you answered “no” to any of these questions, consider the benefits of hiring a closet organizer. These savvy professionals have made it their business to organize your wardrobe and accessories. With their help, your custom closet in Atlanta will look more like a boutique and less like a tornado zone.

A well-organized closet is an amazing asset. It helps you get out of the house in the morning feeling calm and looking good. It helps your favorite clothes last longer because it keeps them stored nicely and makes it easier for you to put them away properly after wearing them. And an organized closet saves you money; you won’t waste a dime buying a black belt or new blue button-down because you can clearly see you already have those items, neatly hanging in your closet.

You might think your closet is too small for that level of organization, but there are many things you can do right now to maximize your closet space. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

  • Do a good clean out. Eliminate duplicates. Get rid of stuff that is out of fashion or doesn’t fit. If you don’t love it, don’t keep it.
  • Consider alternate storage for seasonal items. Don’t let heavy wool sweaters take up shelf space in the summer or summer hats clutter up your coats in the winter. Twice a year, rotate seasonal items and put off-season clothing and accessories out of the way.
  • Use every bit of vertical space. Approximately two-thirds of your closet space should be used for hanging. You can easily maximize this by doubling up hanging rods. You might also have room for an extra shelf at the top. If it’s too high for everyday use, it might be perfect for holding your off-season items that do not require easy access. Use slimline hangers to get the most out of your hanging space.
  • Divide and conquer. Shelf space needs dividers and partitions to be useful. You want to avoid tall stacks of clothing that readily tip over and allow clothes to bunch up and get lost at the back. Shelves that are limited to 10″ high and have regularly spaced partitions will help you keep your stacks neat so you can see everything.
  • Use corners strategically. Carousels, l-shaped shelves, and hanging rods are good tools to make sure your corners are useful spaces.
  • Use the back of the door and the walls. Hooks, shoe organizers, and even hanging rods can all be used in these spaces to store any number of things. Don’t let an inch of space go to waste.

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