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Closet Organizers and Storage Systems for Decatur, GA

Design Your Dream Closet In Decatur, GA

For high-quality, custom closet organizers and storage systems in Decatur, GA, look no further than Closet Designs and More. We offer closet storage solutions that will certainly reduce stress and increase organization. Whatever your closet organizer needs, you’ll surely find our years of experience and extensive showroom a benefit to your final project.

Our design experts are well-versed in listening to client needs. We strive to create finished projects that make our clients smile. In fact, we pride ourselves on the ability to change the daily lives of our clients. So much so, that we additionally back our work with a lifetime guarantee on all wood products.

Custom Reach-In Closet Organizers

Just because you are limited on space doesn’t mean you have to be short on storage. The way we see it, no space is too small. We know many unique ways to bring new life and space into a cramped area. In fact, we have years of experience in planning and constructing reach-in closets, specifically for small spaces. 

Premium accessories, such as tile-out hampers, hanging rods and swivel mirrors add luxury to any design. Instead of the same tired inventory, our is vast and our options are nearly limitless. Allow our design consultants to walk you through your accessory options. All things considered, these finishing touches really tie a new closet together.

But What About The Kids?

We’ve got them covered, too! There’s undoubtedly different design requirements when dealing with children’s closets as opposed to adult closets – namely height. Toys, books and other play objects take priority here. Adjustable shelving is a great for kids closets because they grow with the child. An organized closet is not only beneficial children, but also for the parents.

Custom Walk-In Closet Organizers

You are one call or click away from having the walk-in closet you’ve always wanted. Gone are those rushed mornings. No more half-baked outfits. In fact, Closet Designs and More has the custom closets and storage organizers Decatur needs to remove stress from any morning routine. Perfect for any large closet, our walk-in organizers add space that would otherwise be left untouched. With shelving and hanging rods available to free up areas that would otherwise be spent on clothing, you’ll be left with tons of new space for new things. Imagine being able to try your outfit on inside the closet!

You have ultimate control over your new walk-in closet. With several materials and finishes to choose from, there is certainly a design for you. Consult with our design experts or come in with a plan. Either way, you’ll finally get that walk-in closet you’ve always wanted. 

It’s important to realize that a closet renovation has a lasting impact on the value of a house. With this in mind, don’t forget about out lifetime guarantee on all wood products.

Colors & Styles

Closet Designs and More carries six different styles and 11 colors of closet cabinets. Mix and Match for a fashionable look. 

Closet Accessories

Half the fun of a make over are the accessories, right? 
Polish your design with our unique options.

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