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Hey Alpharetta - Let's Get Organized!

Alpharetta, GA, look no further for high-quality, custom closet organizers and storage solutions. Closet Designs and More certainly has the design options to fit your lifestyle and household size. Whatever your closet organizer needs, you’ll undoubtedly want our years of experience on your side. Take a stroll through our showroom to get inspired with possibilities. 

Our work is backed with a lifetime guarantee on all wood products.

Custom Reach-In Closet Organizers

There are many non-typical ways to stow away your belongings, by all means. Then there’s the organized way. Our team has years of experience planning and constructing reach-in closets. That is to say, in general, we know how to utilize all of a small space

You have the option to accessorize to your hearts content. Surely you have some ideas already. Premium accessories, such as tile-out hampers and swivel mirrors of course add luxury to any design.

In a similar fashion, this amount of accessory options may cause a hard time selecting your finishing touches. However, we like to consider that a good problem to have.

But What About The Kids?

As well as master and utility closets, we also handle kid closets! There’s often different design requirements at play when dealing with children’s closets. Toys, books and objects are equally important here. Adjustable shelving is a great way to ensure your design will last for years to come.

If your child grows quickly, so too can your closet. An organized closet space undoubtedly makes life easier on the entire family. Similarly, you’ll be teaching the value of organization at a young age.

Custom Walk-In Closet Organizers

Alpharetta traffic is already bad enough – custom walk-in closet organizers save you time where you need it most. Thanks to Closet Designs and More, gone are those rushed mornings and messy outfits.

Perfect for any large closet, our walk-in closet layouts surely offer added depth to an already spacious area. In addition, added shelving and hanging rods free up areas that would otherwise be spent on clothing. This newfound space is really quite noticeable. Not to mention you could even start trying your outfits on inside your closet!

We use only high-quality materials with every installation. Now that you are considering a closet upgrade, there’s no sense in cheap materials. Our wood products are all backed by our lifetime guarantee. Allow our design consultation process to show you your options available to you, at different price points. Your mornings will thank you.

Colors & Styles

Closet Designs and More carries six different styles and 11 colors of closet cabinets. Mix and Match allowed.

Closet Accessories

Half the fun of a make over are the accessories, right?  Polish your design with our unique options.

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